Employee Benefit Consulting

Our Role

Establishing a new or optimizing an existing retirement scheme is complex with endless options. As an employer you need a trustworthy partner with the required skill, training, experience and understanding to navigate a Management Board (or Board of Trustees) through this very complex employee benefit and retirement provision environment in order to ensure employee wellness.


We will be your trusted partner and utilize our extensive knowledge, skill and experience to provide employee benefit and asset consulting advice to the Management Board (or Board of Trustees).


Value Added Services

In providing our clients’ with an Employee Wellness Strategy we follow a four-pillar service approach.

Salient Features

  • Flexibility in terms of contribution percentages, group risk benefits and investment strategy – with contribution percentages by the employer starting as low as 3%.

  • Unashamedly independent, we are not linked to or associated with any underwriter, member administrator, asset manager or any other service provider ‐ which ensure unbiased advice at all times.

  • Industry Breadth, we obtain benefit and costing proposals from as much as ten underwriters and/or product suppliers.

  • Cost efficiency, our industry presence provides us with a negotiation platform and pricing power which ultimately leads to cost efficiency to our clients.

  • Solution orientated, we design bespoke group benefit structures and investment strategies based on the specific characteristics and member profiles of each unique client.

  • Industry leading investment philosophy combining enhanced passive and active investment strategies with a unique asset allocation overlay.

  • Solid investment track record, our Model Portfolios have delivered consistent peer outperformance and significant inflation beating returns.

  • David’s Goliath, we offer a personalized, customized and “blue‐chip” offering to the small and medium‐size employer.