Personal Share Portfolios following a Fundamental Dividend Mandate

Securities trading on above-average dividend yields with a history of growing dividends, together with listed property securities that offer investors a real income yield and inflation-hedged income growth form the cornerstone of the Fundamental Dividend Mandate.


Investment Philosophy


Securities are selected on the basis of their current dividend yields, future dividend growth prospects and quality of the dividends. Fundamental Dividend Mandates are not constructed with either the highest possible dividend yield or the highest possible future dividend growth potential, but rather to construct the optimal Personal Share Portfolio that maximises the two. Personal Share Portfolios will therefore have an acceptable dividend yield and an above-average dividend and capital growth prospects.


Investment Objective


An investment in a concentrated portfolio consisting of equity and listed property securities, managed on a segregated basis. The Personal Share Portfolio will consist of securities offering attractive or above-average current level of dividend  and/or income yields combined with a high probability of growth in the dividend and//or income yield over a 3-year period. The secondary objective is to unlock capital appreciation over the long term.



The Alpha Cube Capital Personal Share Portfolios are aimed at investors with a minimum investable amount of R750 000.00 and are available on the Sanlam Private Wealth and Glacier Linked Investment Service Provider Platforms.